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The Society of Sisters of St. Ann, Luzern was founded by Rev. Fr. Wilhelm Meyer, a great visionary, on 21 November 1909 in Switzerland for the service of the needy, the sick and the suffering, especially for the women and children. Responding to the crying needs of the time, the first four missionaries landed in Indian soil on 28 December 1927 and began their healing ministry in Bimilipatnam, Vizag.

St. Ann’s J.M. Hospital, Malkapuram was started in 1988 to cater to the health needs of the area. St. Ann’s school of nursing (GNM) was born in 2003 within the same campus and the College of Nursing (B.Sc (N) in 2018 affiliating itself to the hospital for the clinical training to keep pace with the current trend in medical and nursing sciences.


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